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Our people

Sasha Degtiareva

Meet Sasha

I've been exploring around the world since 2014 and have visited more than 30 countries in Europe, North America and Asia. I've visited the most beautiful regions of Russia and have travelled extensively along the Trans-Siberian and Trans Mongolian Railways since 2015. I have recently become a member of the Sundowners Overland team and look forward to sharing these amazing regions, cultures and history with you on your journey.

Favourite thing about Tour Leading: An opportunity to share my travel experience with other travellers and meet incredible people from different countries.

Favourite place to visit and why: Russia is an amazing country. Beautiful nature, friendly people with big Russian hearts and unique Russian culture that is what you will get if you join a Trans-Siberian Journey with me. My favourite cities are Kazan and Ekaterinburg, but Moscow is always in my heart. I will help you to understand the complicated Russian soul and learn how to drink Russian vodka!

On the road tips: Don’t be afraid to try a local food! I truly believe you can discover a country by experiencing the local cuisine. I will show you the most delicious places during our journey! The best roasted duck in Beijing, true Siberian dumplings (pelmeni) in Irkutsk and traditional Russian pancakes (blini) in Moscow what can be more exiting?

Hobbies, achievements and dreams: : I love photography! I share my travel photography experience in my Instagram @degtiareva_sasha. Feel free to ask me to take a photo, because for me it’s pleasure to help you to keep the best memories from your journey!