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Our people

Julia Goldenberg

Meet Julia

I’m historian, but since graduating from the Ural State University I’ve worked as a journalist most of my life. That allowed me to travel a lot: Sweden, USA, Britain (famous BBC course which I’m proud of.) I have worked on TV, radio and recently – for the newspapers and on Internet. My favorite genre is the interview. However, some time ago I came back to my roots and started to do guiding – in Yekaterinburg, my native city. I have loved and enjoyed it for several years already. The tourists joke that all the guides are historians in Yekaterinburg… That is not so of course, but definitely true about professionalism and enthusiasm of my colleagues. So recently I took a chance to travel with Sundowners Overland to be able to feel what my tourists experience during their Trans-Siberian tour here.

Favourite thing about Tour Leading: Meeting different people from all over the world and help them to understand, and perceive Russia in the best way possible.

Favourite place to visit and why: of course Yekaterinburg (some sad sites related to the tsar’s history), as well as its brilliant “twin” St. Petersburg, both cities appeared on the map due to the will of one person – Peter the Great, and approximately at the same time. St. Petersburg is a cultural pearl, Moscow… much more dynamic and different despite its pretty old too! Kazan and famous Baikal Lake in Irkutsk – all is very exciting. China is a separate story…

On the road tips: Yes, definitely local food. You’ll love pelmeni (dumplings) with different fillings, borscht, blini (pancakes) and maybe even buckwheat porridge which is typical Russian. You’ll enjoy the mixture of pine and birch trees – wonderful forest we have long before and after the Ural Mountains. If you haven’t yet, try to read “The Doctor Zhivago” novel, it’ll add a lot to your understanding of Russian soul.

Hobbies, achievements and dreams: my excursions and articles. I hope to continue my Road Diary and take photographs as I like it. And of course hope to meet nice and adventurous people like you.