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Dmitry Pashkevich

Meet Dmitry

When mom told me I was born on a train, the picture came together for I have never missed an opportunity to board one for an epic cross-continental journey.

Favourite thing about Tour Leading: It's the closest you can get to a touring band experience while only carrying a backpack.

Favourite place to visit and why: There's a town en route in Siberia and its name means 'Winter'. Suddenly the banter on time zones crossed gets way more exciting. "Actually, so many we've even been through Winter over one night."

On the road tips: Be prepared to be a team player, and a good book in hand is the only agreeable signal for timing out. Okay, some nice music also counts.

Hobbies, achievements and dreams: My spare time is dedicated to music and history. Once I have fitted fifteen dad jokes in a sentence and I hope to beat this personal best.