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Takayama Autumn Festival

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Travel to Japan in October and witness the annual Takayama Autumn Festival (or Hachiman Festival), one of Japan`s most beautiful festivals. The festival has been celebrated for over 350 years and is being held for the Sakurayama Hachimangu Shrine to say thanks and celebrate a good autumn harvest. Stroll around Takayama old town and watch parades of floats decorated with colourful, traditional ornaments and swinging lanters that lit the streets at night. There are also traditional dances performed by Karakri dolls or marionettes, on top of the floats. Join hundreds of people dressed in their traditional costumes (such as Kagoshima or samurai costumes) as you enjoy traditional music and indulge in delicious Japanese food such as yakisoba, takoyaki or steak skewers.

For further information please contact our Travel Advisors on timings of this festival in your desired year of travel. 

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