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Silk and Spices Festival

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The Silk and Spices Festival will transport you thousands of years back in time to the streets of the ancient city of Bukhara, where caravans filled with silk and spices stopped on their journey from China to Europe to meet with other traders and local craftsmen. Try your hand at carpet weaving, pottery or gold embroidery, explore the madrassahs and stunning architecture of this Silk Road city and dance to folk music played by traditional bands. Or just relax and enjoy parades of people dressed in traditional Uzbek clothes, traditional games and sporting demonstrations. Don`t miss your chance to bring home stunning silk scarves and other souvenirs to remember your Uzbekistan adventure.

Silk and Spices Festival usually takes place in May. The date of the 2020 Silk and Spices Festival has yet to be announced. For further information please contact our Travel Advisors.

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