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Events and Festivals

Naadam Festival

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Celebrate the Naadam Festival with the locals as remote Mongolia relives its finest traditions dating from the days of Genghis Khan and his ferocious nomadic warriors. Witness skilful displays of archery and wrestling, and colourful horseracing events during the nation’s most important festival. The highlight is the official opening ceremony of the Naadam Festival held in the capital, Ulaanbaatar. Eriin gurvan naadam (the three games of men) is the pinnacle of nomadic Mongolian culture. The initial procession presents a magnificent sight of hundreds of horses with riders dressed in colourful national costumes. Then, you’ll be entertained by wrestling and archery. The horse races are held the following day, outside the city on the rolling steppe.

Naadam Festival takes place from July 11 until July 13. Check out the below Sundowners Overland journeys that include this celebration. For further information please contact our Travel Advisors. 

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