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The luxury private train experience

Luxury Private trains are purpose-built for tourism and have been carefully designed for a discerning market. Red velvet furnishings and rich mahogany line the cabins, there is a strong emphasis on comfort and relaxation.

Golden Eagle and Tsar’s Gold operators glide along the Trans Siberian and Silk Road railways in what is essentially an all-inclusive 5-star hotel. A reservation on one of these exclusive trains includes a private compartment, organised excursions, and gourmet food served in a luxurious restaurant.

The Golden Eagle

Hailed as one of the most luxurious trains in the world, the Golden Eagle offers a first-class service with well-appointed ensuite cabins, fine dining, elegant surroundings, and personal cabin attendants.

There are three types of accommodation, Imperial, Gold and Silver. Imperial is the largest and most luxurious, and even comes with a complementary bottle of Dom Perignon to start your journey in style.

Golden Eagle Impreial Suite

Tsar’s Gold

Tsar's Gold - Nostalgic Comfort cabin

The Tsar’s Gold private train offers the largest choice of compartments available on the Trans-Siberian Railroad, with six options from Bolshoi Platinum 2-berth to a standard 4-berth. Ornate dining cars serve up gourmet delights with large windows offering panoramic views.

Tsar’s Gold 2-berth Superior cabin converted for sleeping

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