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Sundowners Overland accommodation

Our tours run through some of the most enthralling regions in the world. Whether you choose to roll along the Trans Siberian Railway, meander through the soaring Caucasus or leave dusty footprints along the Silk Road, we’ve selected a range of accommodation to help you rest comfortably after a thrilling day exploring.

Hotels and guesthouses

When selecting accommodation, we endeavour to balance location, comfort and facilities that will fit seamlessly with your tour. Both are based on twin-share and ensuite. Hotel rooms are similar to the western standards we’ve all come to expect, featuring a bed with fresh linen, desk, wardrobe and ensuite.

Izmailovo Delta hotel, Moscow

Guesthouses are smaller establishments with a more personal feel. What they lack in resort facilities they make up for in charm.

Listvyanka Chalet Guesthouse

Ger and yurt camps

Nomadic people of Mongolia and Central Asia live in traditional dwellings. In Mongolia, these are known as gers, and in Central Asia, yurts. They are large portable tents made of felt, tarp and wood, and feature a small kitchen, beds along the sides, and a fireplace in the centre to keep them toasty through harsh winters.

Some of our tours include a stay at a nomadic camp to give you a taste of life as a local.

Multi-share ger

Camp accommodation is usually in multi-share gers like the one pictured above, while Premium tours stay in twin-share gers. Camps are mixed-gender with an on-site restaurant and basic facilities. They are situated in the countryside, allowing you to reconnect with nature and refresh from the bustle of modern life. Staying like a local will enhance your understanding of the region you are exploring and is bound to become one of your favourite memories.


There’s no better way to understand a nation than through the people who live there.  Homestays are a fantastic way to experience daily life, sample home cooked food from a region, and learn about the customs that form part of their culture.

If your tour includes homestay accommodation, you will be staying with a local family who will welcome you into their home with warm hearts, fill your belly with local delicacies, and teach you about their life. Your stay will be comfortable, generally with shared facilities, and most importantly, authentic.

Kyrgyzstan village