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Experience a voyage of a lifetime by Private Train board the Golden Eagle or the Tsar's Gold that covers 10,000kms across 8 time zones on its journey from Moscow to Vladivostok (or vice-versa). Our trains contain some of the finest accommodation available in luxury train travel today, offering a high level of comfort; particularly important in the cabins, which will be your 'hotel room' on wheels and also featuring one or two lovingly designed restaurant cars and a spacious bar car.  Click here to find out more...

The Silk Road

Central Asia lies at the crossroads of history, an area steeped in antiquity protected by great deserts and awesome mountain ranges and the Silk Road a vital trade route for more than 2000 years. Central Asia is like no other place on earth. Everywhere you go you'll be met with keen interest, because the people of Central Asia spontaneously welcome visitors from other lands and have a special affinity with travellers.  Read More

Caspian Odyssey - Golden Eagle Journey

> Departs: Yerevan, Armenia - 16 days

Trans Siberian/Mongolian Railway

For lovers of travel and lovers of railways alike here is an incredible passing panorama across a vast and dramatic landscape. Travelling across the breadth of China, Mongolia and Russia on board the Trans Siberian or Trans Mongolian railways is a must. For sheer distance, intrigue and, on completion, the tremendous sense of real personal satisfaction, no other train journey comes anywhere near it. In recent years more people are tending to enjoy a combination of travel along the Trans Siberian and Trans Mongolian railways, rather than just the Trans Siberian, to experience even more diverse cultures and landscapes.   Read More

Trans Siberian Express - 15 Days

> Departs: Vladivostok, Russia - 15 days

Trans Siberian Express - 15 days

> Departs: Moscow, Russia - 15 days

Tsar's Gold - Trans Siberian by Private Train

> Departs: Beijing, China - 15 days

Tsar's Gold - Trans Siberian by Private Train

> Departs: Moscow, Russia - 16 days