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Fully Escorted Tours are our benchmark journeys. They are great value and use 3-star hotels, comfortable guesthouses and gers (the traditional home of nomads across Central Asia) when travelling in Mongolia and Central Asia. There is plenty of time to experience local life and enjoy the sights each city has to offer. Fully Escorted Tours offer an easy pace that will suit most travellers. A Sundowners Overland Tour Leader is on hand to ensure you not only see the sights but venture behind the scenes to explore the markets, bazaars and  Click here to find out more...

The Silk Road

Central Asia lies at the crossroads of history, an area steeped in antiquity protected by great deserts and awesome mountain ranges and the Silk Road a vital trade route for more than 2000 years. Central Asia is like no other place on earth. Everywhere you go you'll be met with keen interest, because the people of Central Asia spontaneously welcome visitors from other lands and have a special affinity with travellers.   Read More

Persian Caravan

> Departs: Muscat, Oman - 26 days
> Departs: Tbilisi - 26 days

Silk Road Adventure

> Departs: Tashkent, Uzbekistan - 22 days

Great Rail Explorer

> Departs: Beijing, China - 34 days

Silk Road Railway

> Departs: Istanbul, Turkey - 30 days

Grand Asian Caravan

> Departs: Beijing, China - 42 days

Myanmar and Yunnan

> Departs: Yangon, Myanmar - 23 days

Highlights of the Caucasus

> Departs: Tbilisi - 12 days

Trans Siberian/Mongolian Railway

For lovers of travel and lovers of railways alike here is an incredible passing panorama across a vast and dramatic landscape. Travelling across the breadth of China, Mongolia and Russia on board the Trans Siberian or Trans Mongolian railways is a must. For sheer distance, intrigue and, on completion, the tremendous sense of real personal satisfaction, no other train journey comes anywhere near it.   Read More

Grand Trans Siberian Railway

> Departs: Tokyo, Japan - 30 days

Trans Siberian Railway with China & Mongolia

> Departs: Hong Kong - 29 days

Grand Trans Siberian Railway

> Departs: Vladivostok, Russia - 24 days

Trans Siberian Railway with Mongolia and China

> Departs: St Petersburg, Russia - 29 days

Classic Trans Mongolian

> Departs: St Petersburg, Russia - 16 days

Trans Mongolian Express

> Departs: St Petersburg, Russia - 21 days

Trans Mongolian Discovery

> Departs: Beijing, China - 21 days

Trans Mongolian with Naadam

> Departs: Beijing, China - 24 days
> Departs: St Petersburg, Russia - 24 days

Christmas Trans Mongolian

> Departs: Beijing, China - 24 days

Trans Mongolian Explorer

> Departs: Beijing, China - 26 days

Naadam Adventure

> Departs: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia - 10 days

Wild Mongolia and Golden Eagle Festival

> Departs: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia - 16 days

Gobi Desert Explorer

> Departs: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia - 16 days