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The Silk Road

Central Asia lies at the crossroads of history, an area steeped in antiquity protected by great deserts and awesome mountain ranges and the Silk Road a vital trade route for more than 2000 years. Central Asia is like no other place on earth. Everywhere you go you'll be met with keen interest, because the people of Central Asia spontaneously welcome visitors from other lands and have a special affinity with travellers.   Click here to find out more...

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Persian Caravan

Set off aboard our Persian Caravan from Muscat into the heart of a region rich in fable and legend, its many-faceted travel pleasures will be revealed one country at a Read More...

> Departs: Muscat, Oman - 26 days
> Departs: Tbilisi - 26 days
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Silk Road Adventure

Designed especially for travellers who seek high adventure among the peaks and mountain passes of the Tien Shan Mountains, this journey traverses some of the least Read More...

> Departs: Tashkent, Uzbekistan - 22 days
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Great Rail Explorer

From Beijing it's just over 12,000 kilometres to St. Petersburg. Along the way, walk on China's Great Wall, enjoy Almaty in the shadow of the mighty Tien Shan Mountains Read More...

> Departs: Beijing, China - 34 days
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Silk Road Railway

Can you imagine how those early Silk Road traders felt as they set off from Istanbul (formerly Constantinople), on their long journeys to the distant empire they knew as Read More...

> Departs: Istanbul, Turkey - 30 days
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Grand Asian Caravan

Amazing and diverse sightseeing experiences in some of the world's remotest corners bring rich rewards on this unique, challenging journey. Come with us along the Silk Read More...

> Departs: Beijing, China - 42 days
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Myanmar and Yunnan

Long-closed borders have until quite recently made this journey through some of the most ethically diverse parts of Asia almost impossible. But now due to a more relaxed Read More...

> Departs: Yangon, Myanmar - 23 days
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Highlights of the Caucasus

Prepare to be amazed, arriving in Georgia and Armenia is like stepping through the looking glass into a completely unexpected travel destination; beautiful, welcoming Read More...

> Departs: Tbilisi - 12 days