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The Silk Road & India

Central Asia lies at the crossroads of history, an area steeped in antiquity protected by great deserts and awesome mountain ranges and the Silk Road a vital trade route for more than 2000 years. Central Asia is like no other place on earth. Everywhere you go you'll be met with keen interest, because the people of Central Asia spontaneously welcome visitors from other lands and have a special affinity with travellers.   Click here to find out more...

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Persian Caravan

Set off aboard our Persian Caravan from Muscat into the heart of a region rich in fable and legend, its many-faceted travel pleasures will be revealed one country at a Read More...

> Departs: Muscat, Oman - 26 days
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Silk Road Railway

A true Silk Road journey of discovery from the spectacular palaces and wonderful bazaars of Istanbul by rail to the blue domes of Isfahan’s famous mosque and along the Read More...

> Departs: Istanbul, Turkey - 30 days
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Grand Asian Caravan

An incredible adventure along Asia's ancient routes of trade and conquest. From China's Forbidden City and Silk Road oases to the once forbidden frontiers of the Tien Read More...

> Departs: Beijing, China - 41 days
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Myanmar and Yunnan

It is now time to visit one of Asia's least explored corners. Marvel at the glistening pagodas and the colonial opulence of Myanmar's past. Take time to discover Read More...

> Departs: Yangon, Myanmar - 21 days