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Borders not boundaries

Going overland is about recapturing the true spirit of travel and experiencing the challenge and excitement of crossing the great deserts and high mountain passes of Asia, and negotiating the remote border posts on the far-flung frontiers of these wild regions. It's about sharing our philosophy that borders are not boundaries, but new frontiers - each a gateway to new adventures ahead. Going Overland is about getting well off the beaten path and exploring where few travellers go and being prepared to not just put up with - but to celebrate, the unexpected, the unplanned and the unbelievable! In a world full of ‘soft adventure’ and neatly packaged ‘off the beaten track’ experiences, going overland with Sundowners Overland is the real thing.

Are you an Overland Traveller ?
If you are an Overland Trraveller you will put experience above comfort, and meeting local people above ticking off the sights. You will take great pleasure in the journey, rather than just the destination, and you turn unexpected delays into new opportunities to explore. You travel in the moment instead of to a fixed schedule, and you already know you are going to have a great adventure!

Asia Overland
Asia has more colour, more vitality, more contrast, more mystique in store for the overland traveller than any other continent, and Sundowners Overland has the passion to create the most innovative journeys unhindered by the borders that separate its many countries. 

The spectacular Irkeshtam Pass from Kyrgyzstan to China
                                                   The spectacular journey over the Irkeshtam Pass

Great journeys don't stop at the border. From China to Russia, India to Turkey, Vietnam to Mongolia, overland journeys and travel dreams are created not only by the distance between towns and villages but the ways and woes of getting there. For a continent offering the world’s most diverse cultures, many
separated by political boundaries,  Asia's many border crossings are very much part of the journey.

  • Across the Gobi Desert by rail from China aboard the Trans Mongolian Railway.
  • Along the river valleys and over the high Khunjerab Pass on Pakistan's frontier with China on the famous Karakoram Highway.
  • Over the Tien Shan Mountains and through the Dzungarian Gate that divides China with the rest of Central Asia via Kazakhstan.
  • Through Iran's northern city of Tabriz, gateway to the lands of the Caspian Sea and across Turkey’s spectacular eastern border overshadowed by stunning Mt Ararat.
  • Across the Kara Kum (Turkmenistan) and Kyzyl Kum (Uzbekistan) deserts that join ancient cities of the Silk Road.
  • Over the recently opened Torugart and Irkeshtam passes from bustling Kashgar (China) to the high Kyrgyz Plateau.
  • South from China's southern provinces into Vietnam’s capital Hanoi and beyond.
  • Across the closely guarded and colourful few hundred metres that separate India and Pakistan at Wagah, north of Amritsar's spectacular Golden Temple.
  • Buddhist Mongolia meets Orthodox Russia as the train rolls quietly over the Mongolian Steppe into the Siberia's Baikal region.
A remote border post in Kyrgyzstan
                                                                      A remote border post in Kyrgyzstan

At Sundowners Overland we don’t let borders become boundaries, instead we see them as gateways to new adventures. It is this philosophy that has made Sundowners Overland Asia’s leading overland tour operator.

A border is always a temptation.
Larry McMurtry