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Sustainability in Action

What we are doing in our offices
These activities are already undertaken and incorporated into Sundowners Overland office procedures. We are always looking at what further measures we can take to reduce the waste and carbon footprint of our team and promote change through learning and education.
- Recycling in both London & Melbourne offices. All office paper is reused as much as possible, and otherwise all paper, cardboard, hard plastics and metals are recycled;
- The majority of our documentation is printed on wheat and recycled paper. The wheat paper is made from 100% wheat straw and contains no bleach. It is also low in carbon due to the wheat husk being used to generate the electricity to produce the paper;
- Our brochure production meets FSC and AFS standards;
- All Vodkatrain journeys use e-docs to reduce the amount of paper documentation sent to clients;
- Team involvement in government initiatives such as Ride to Work Day and Walk to Work Day.

What we are doing in our communities
Sundowners Overland is committed to making a positive contribution within our local communities and to minimise our impact on our shared environment. We aim to deliver journeys to our clients that are environmentally conscious and socially respectful and we welcome the contribution of all of our clients in delivering this goal. We are passionate about sharing our destinations that are often very different from ‘back home’ and have a network of local operators who help us deliver the Sundowners Overland experience.
- All Sundowners Overland Tour Leaders encourage clients to eat in locally owned and run cafes, markets and restaurants to sample regional cuisines and to benefit the local economy. 
- Where possible we work with locally owned and run hotels, guesthouses and home-stays.
- Our Tour Leaders learn as much of the local languages and encourage/help clients to do likewise. Many a friendship has been forged over the phrasebook in the dining car on the train.
- Our clients are encouraged to travel using local metro and public transport, including the longest local train in the world, donkey and cart in Kashgar and horse drawn carriages in St Petersburg thus minimising the use of private taxis.
- We employ and train local people to work as Tour Leaders and many local guides have gone on to work as full time Tour Leaders escorting tours across our destinations.
- All groups journeys are accompanied by local honchos and guides who are able to educate clients on cultural & national information
- We ensure our groups are small so that we can deliver a more personalized experience whilst having a limited impact on each city