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Tailor-Made Journeys

Experience the wide open spaces of Asia for yourself aboard your own overland journey. Create the dream here then live the adventure for yourself aboard Asia’s most remarkable railways or along its most famous trade route.

Joining the cities via road, rail and high passes is only limited by your imagination. Sundowners Overland can tailor a journey that suits your time, budget and adventurous spirit.

What are Tailor-Made Journeys?
Tailor-Made Journeys mean that you are not travelling with a tour group. You are travelling on your own or with your own companions on an itinerary that is customised for you. Aboard trains single passengers will share with three other travellers in their compartments. These travellers may be other tourists or local people travelling between towns or cities. Passengers travelling with a companion can choose to travel in a shared 4 berth compartment or can travel in a 2-berth compartment for a supplementary price.

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