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Journey Grading

A desire to get involved, a positive and flexible approach to travel and an understanding of the particular demands of your chosen journey will ensure your enjoyment on one of the most satisfying and rewarding travel experiences of your life. Complementing our Travelstyles we have graded all of our journeys to help you to choose the best one for you.

Service Level
While all of Sundowners Overland journeys offer a high quality travelling experience, we appreciate that everyone’s needs are different and as such we have graded our range of journeys in terms of the different Services Levels they offer. These levels refer to the standard of accommodation, transport and included services that you can expect on each journey. Some journeys even offer a choice of Services Levels to help personalise the journey to your requirements. 

Sundowners Overland’s Traveller level offers excellent value at a competitive price. Accommodation is in conveniently located hotels and aboard the train you will travel in 4-berth compartments. If you’d like to upgrade your accommodation or train compartment separately we can easily cater for this. This level is only available as an option for Independent Journeys, Tailor-Made Journeys and Private Group Tours.

Our Classic level offers unique experiences at genuine prices. Accommodation is in comfortable, centrally-located hotels with a higher level of amenities and aboard the train you will travel in 4-berth compartments. If you’d like to upgrade to 2-berth train compartments we can easily arrange this for you. Most arrival and departure transfers are also included with this Service Level, dependent on the specific itinerary. All Independent Journeys of this level also include a full day of our City Ambassador service in each of the cities where it is available. The majority of our Fully Escorted Tours, and all of our Experience Tours provide this level of service as standard.

Our Premium level journeys are of a more fully inclusive nature than the rest of our journeys and can offer a level of comfort second to none. While there is some variation depending on the journey you choose, the differences with our Premium level journeys include; a higher level of accommodation, airport transfers, porterage, more comprehensive included sightseeing and meals throughout and the highest level of accommodation available on trains. The Cultural Trans Mongolian, Christmas Trans Mongolian and our Luxury Train Journeys offer this Service Level.

Activity Level
Though all of our journeys are suitable for almost everyone and age is rarely a factor, we have graded the pace of our journeys, on a scale from one to five, so that you can find the one that best fits your lifestyle.

Sundowners Overland journeys are not your average resort holiday and our travellers wouldn’t have it any other way. Journeys at this level will get you to all the sights at a comfortable pace and appeal to most people. These journeys may also be shorter in duration or spend a little bit more time at each destination.

Suitable for anyone who is in good health and enjoys the outdoors, these journeys offer full and rewarding days of activity, so when you put your feet up at the end of the day you will have a real sense of accomplishment. Journeys with this Activity Level might entail longer or more frequent periods on the move, be it taking in the different sights or continuing on to your next destination.

Designed for those with a pronounced spirit of adventure and who really enjoy life on the road, just as much as the destinations, these are journeys where you are on the move a lot more often or for a longer total duration. On these journeys the physical requirement of being able to carry your own luggage, engage in long periods of sightseeing and undertake long drives or train journeys is more pertinent, but undertaking such a journey can be even more rewarding.