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Winter and Christmas Journeys

The winter wonderland offered by China, Mongolia and Russia is a truly enchanting experience. The frozen landscape is transformed under a thick blanket of snow providing a whole new world of activities and sights for you to enjoy. Countries in this region are fully set up for the conditions and central heating is worshipped in every building, ensuring sub-tropical temperature inside. Often the train is the warmest place of them all, with its cosy compartments.

As an added bonus too, this time of year tends to attract less tourists, so there is a better chance that you will be able to enjoy the splendours on offer without the distraction of crowds. Apart from the picturesque soft white landscape, some of the activities that you can enjoy only in winter include dog sledding, snowmobiling and troika (horse drawn sleigh) rides in Siberia, ice skating in Red Square or even ice diving and ice fishing in Lake Baikal.

Visit our Winter and Christmas image gallery to browse through some great shots of what you can expect at this spectacular time of year.

Sundowners Overland journeys that offer this experience include:
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