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Retired film maker Cam Ford was one of the earliest post-war overland travellers across Asia, having journeyed on Sundowners' inaugural passage from India to London in the early 1960’s. Inspired by a book about a similar expedition several years before, Cam tells how he jumped at the chance to make the journey and, together with this unlikely crew, set a page in history. From this pioneering odyssey, one of Australia’s pre-eminent overland travel organisations was born. He is pictured here with his wife, Diana, one of the early Trans-Siberian Railway travellers of the 1960's.

Simon RichmondWriter and photographer Simon Richmond is no stranger to Russian trains. As a prelude to his first Trans-Siberian trip in 1997 (arranged, incidentally, by Sundowners), in 1994 he travelled by train from St.Petersburg to China via Central Asia. In 2001 he co-authored the first edition of Lonely Planet's ‘Trans-Siberian Railway’, hopping on and off the train right across Russia. The following year he was back, discovering the BAM Railway for the ‘Russia & Belarus’ guide. For the second edition of ‘Trans-Siberian Railway’ he travelled sections of the Trans-Siberian, Trans-Mongolian and Trans-Manchurian routes. Read more about Simon’s adventures aboard the Trans Siberian Railway.

Glenn A. BakerGlenn A. Baker is an Australian-based writer/broadcaster specialising in travel and music/the arts. The author of 15 books, he was judged Australian Travel Writer of the Year in 1995 and 2000. A Life Member of the Australian Society of Travel Writers and a visitor to more than a hundred countries, he is also a recipient of a PATA and China Travel writing awards, and has contributed to more than 200 prestigious publications. In the words of former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating: "He can vividly conjure up images and feelings of periods which remind us of episodes in our own lives - like a kind of cultural photographer." On a recent assignment Glenn, and photographer Bob King, travelled to Mongolia to witness the 800th Naadam Festival. His story is a captivating insight not only on the event which for centuries helped shape Mongolia’s very identity but on the wild and diverse country that travellers find today.

One of Bob King's spectacular Naadam festival images

Tony JonesAdventurer and lifelong conservationist, Tony Jones pioneered modern overland travel when he embarked on an overland journey from London to India in 1963. Returning by way of Nepal, China, South East Asia and the Trans Siberian Railway, Tony founded Encounter Overland and enabled a generation of travellers to experience Asia, Africa and South America at an intimate level and with a very low impact on local communities and the environment. This fundamental understanding of, and commitment to, the delicate balance that ensures travel positively impacts local communities is a value held firmly by Tony for more than 40 years - long before the term “eco-tourism” was coined. Today, based in Kathmandu, Tony maintains his commitment to these values through Himalayan Encounters, a local business committed to sustainable tourism programs and conservation initiatives in Nepal. Enjoy Tony’s observations of travel along the Silk Road to Central Asia.

Jane Sweeney - Trans Mongolian Railway