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Trans Siberian Railway

The Trans Mongolian Railway encompassing the Trans Siberian Railway


The life-blood of many remote towns and cities and the link which creates these amazing journeys


With over 250 cloudless days and the lowest population density in the world you'll be hard pressed not to fall in love with the people and landscape of this charming landlocked country.


China is a country of epic proportions. Its treasures, cuisine and landscapes are as diverse as anywhere in the world have rightly attracted merchants, travellers and conquerors throughout its action packed history.


With the diversity of its landscape, culture and people as big as the country itself, there is truly something for everyone in this vast nation.


Uzbekistan is surly the jewel in the ornate crown of Central Asia and the Silk Road.


Renowned for its hospitality to travellers, Kyrgyzstan combines opportunities for exploring the outdoors, experiencing the life of its nomadic people and taking in the history of the Silk Road.


The world's biggest landlocked country, Kazakhstan is one of the last of the lands relatively unexplored by western travellers and offers magnificent wide open steppe, snow-capped mountains, taiga forests and canyons to those who venture there.


A richly historical land that for centuries has thrived at the confluence of Asia and Europe. An ideal place to start any adventure into Central Asia and along the Silk Road.


With the impressive Karakum desert making up most of this land, its cities and towns stand out like the oases they once were.


Couple Armenia’s breathtaking remote regions and beautiful monasteries with it's Mediterranean mind-set and you’ll wonder why you didn’t visit this amazing country sooner!


Experience Georgia, a country wedged between Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan and all the more perfect for being largely off the tourist radar.


From the relics of ancient Persian civilisation to the modern-day hustle and bustle of this sophisticated country, Iran is keen to show travellers the true hospitality of its people.

The Naadam Festival

The Naadam Festival in Mongolia as shot by Bob King - home of the three manly sports; wrestling, horseriding and archery

Mongolian Ger

The traditional home of nomadic Mongolians on the vast steppe and plains of this remote land

Winter and Christmas

A blanket of snow, an ice covered lake, Winter is certainly a wonderful season to travel the Trans Siberian Railway

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Cultural performances

Exciting performances in China, Mongolia and Russia